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For simplicity, and to make it easier to decipher on the main page what is current and what is not, I added this site that has previous new bulletins, battle reports, and company news.


Update May 20th - Current event:

BIAK, May 21 - 23rd, 2010: Prepare to disembark! We're nearly there...


Update  April 30th, 2010: - Post webpage move

"Hoy! That took more than it should have!
Howdy folks and welcome back to our webpage, it took a minor act of faith, some heavy sweating, and a lot of waiting for things to clear.

Good news is we are back, and mostly functioning too... For some reason the radio broke during the move, I'll fix it soon enough!

Duty First!
- Wrenchmonkey

Past even: Armed Forces Day with Drill, May 15th, 2010;
We have been invited by Camp Whitycombe for their Armed Forces day Public display. On the same note, sarge has thought that it would be a marvelous time to do some more drill. We might be doing bivouac the day before and after, however that is still up for debate.

Update  April 19th, 2010:

Our training event was a fruitful one, much was covered, much was learned, and much rust was also brushed off for some of our old friends.

The upcoming BIAK event in mid May is still a ways away. However, it is better to plan ahead, so if you need ammo and transportation, talk to the others and see what can be worked out!
Also, chalk down a new date, July 16th - 18th is our D-Day event, at Fort Stevens our event that is open to the public.

On a different note, we will be switching hosting providers within the next few days, so if the web page disappears for some reason, do not panic, it is merely temporary. Business should resume as normal from then on.


Update  April 7th, 2010:

We have finally pin pointed the German movement, and intercepted transmissions!
Movement  in the deserts have been pin pointed, let's hope the intel is as solid as it sounds. Prepare for scorching sunshine and freezing nights! Event details below!

Something that Sarge threw at me walking by was a training event... This weekend. It's been planned, few of us knew about it.
If you can attend, that's fine, if you can't, we'll miss ya.


Update  February 17th, 2010:

AY!! Once again, our training has been moved to the 27th!!!!
Apologies to all who cannot attend.

Good news, guys!! Command has a mission for us! ... That's good news, right?"

We have intercepted German transmission, and they are most definitely up to something. We have movement over in the deserts, so prepare for scorching sunshine and freezing nights! Event details below!

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates, we are still trying to iron out the schedule for the year.


Mixed Update  November 25th, 2009:

Battlereport from the October 17th weekend;

"Upon the early morning reports we were told that our guys had to go up against a very sizeable German opposition... With an armored car. To cut the report short, that piece of armor gave us trouble all day long. Our bazooka team did a stellar job and disabled it several times, but those damn Germans got it working again and again. Something about shooting duds...

Our boys however did stellar compared to where we wad to fight, and it was a good days of battle! Eventually command - opposite of popular demand - issued an order to pull out of the area by the end of the day."

October event;
Well boys, it was one helluva day, a nice day too... By hurricane standards.
Pictures have been posted of the event, enjoy!

Albany Parade;
With deepest apologies our wrench monkey fell asleep at the job and hasn't posted the article that in fact we were there to celebrate the ones who put their lives on the line, to keep ours free.

It was a wonderful day for the parade, with a very light drizzle that in the went away for the duration of our march. We also had a few MIA guys show up, it was damn good to see them again!
A few pictures of our guys have also been posted.

Pre-event, 4H Center;
If you have not been called, then this should be the call to arms! The 4H Center event will most definitely be December 11 - 13th, 2009, with the most extreme German opposition.

Order ammo! The prices *are* going up, order in a group, organize to make it easier on yourselves... We recently had a price hike too, M1 ammo has officially went above 40c / round! 2007, where art though?



Double Update  October 5th, 2009:

Well boys, we've been having to deal with the mail again, but we got everything together!

Battlereport from the September 18th weekend;

"On Saturday the mighty First, our British comrades, and a lone 82nd soldier moved out to engage the German forces. After a while of searching, much battling, killing, dieing, and running commenced... It was incredible I say, facing the enemy and being so close in! The Germans were disposed of, and we had to attack another hill that was being invaded by them! It was a thoughtful dash towards the top as we finally hit the top of the ridge, and our boys valiantly fought!
As the final exclamation for that day the 37mm cannon took out the left side of the ridge completely, craters was all I saw. Needless to say, our commander was very satisfied with the day!

Sunday was a rough day for our boys. Radios broke down, we've lost men, but our boys did the job and got plenty of Germans to boot! Though, I must say the commander was rather furious when we were unable to take the bridge... It got sorta blown up in front of us. Though his temper was calmed with the piles of bodies surround the area."

Mixed update:

Alright boys, a few things to relay.

* Another event is coming up, something we can assume that you've been preparing for. Camp Rilea will host our next event on October 16- 18, and we are going to be fighting the Arracourt Salient.

* Our wrench monkey hears a lot of things... He has heard that the December 4H event will not be at the usual time, but instead the weekend before or after the first weekend of December. Date is as of yet unconfirmed, keep you updated.

* Order ammo! The prices *are* going up, order in a group, organize to make it easier on yourselves. A quick search online shows an average price of $60 for 100 rounds in some places.

* We have pictures up from the BIAK event, enjoy!



General Update, September 11th, 2009:

Well boys, we've got more pictures getting posted, as a soldier from the Press by the name of Lee Bishop sent us a file. There is a link the site he works for under the links section.

We also had the fortune on August 28th to attend the reunion of the 41st ID aboard LCI 713. You boys looked stellar, especially with all the vets representing.

Upcoming event:

BIAK Training Center, September 18-20


General Update, August 19th, 2009:

Once more boys and girls, BIAK Training Center, September 18-20 is our next assault.
Supposedly we'll be dropping on Sicily to fight the Germans. Rocks, dust, more rock, and the occasional tree that hasn't been blown up from the bombing raids is to be expected..
Bring proper sleeping gear as per usual,
you'll need it just like you needed it Africa.

In other news, some photographs have been delivered, and are up for show! You boys are looking stellar!

By the way, if the commander hasn't sent out a message to you, do contact him. Got something special in store.


General Update, July 25th, 2009:

Ladies and gentleman, I have to say that looks like most of us made it off of the beach. Thankfully.
... An excellent event, and new faces to boot! We were blessed with much better than "normal" weather of pissing down rain.

Our next event on the trusty calendar says... BIAK Training Center, in central Oregon. The calendar says its September 18-20, so be there or be square!
The event will be Sicily, since that's what it's good for. Rocks, dust, more rock, and the occasional tree that hasn't been blown up.
First timers, or ones with weak memory... Do remember that this is
bivouac (a temporary camp), so you need proper sleeping gear in order not to be Cold during the night.

Eventually we'll also get some photographs - post master slacking off again. We had the press out during the landing, so I'm hoping for good pictures of our guys.
Also, we had a fair good batch of music come through to us, so enjoy. Most of the are on the end, however "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition" is towards the top.



Event Update, July 15th, 2009:

Gentlemen, good den! It is about time, so I hoped you've all geared up because Fort Stevens Public FightJuly 17 - 19 is literally a hop and a skip away!'

So, I hope you are all ready, checked all your gear, done you're training, updated your wills... Here something command wants you to read.


Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force!

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have
striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The 
hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. 
In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on
other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German war
machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples of
Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well
equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely.

But this is the year 1944! Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of
1940-41. The United Nations have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats,
in open battle, man-to-man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their
strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our Home
Fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions
of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men.
The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to

I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in
battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory! 

Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great
and noble undertaking.

                                            SIGNED: Dwight D. Eisenhower

"So this is what we were preparing for..."


General Update, May 11th, 2009:
As few of you have noticed - and probably some visitors too - our website went down.

Well it's back up, so no worries! For a while.

In other news we are  going to attend the event in early June, and it's called "Jump to destiny".
On the J2D website it says that it's at
Randle, WA... Just to let ya know.

Running Reminder:
Camp Withycombe, Armed Forces Day,  ::  May 16th. (Day event, Display)

* "Jump to destiny", June 5 - 7, Randle, WA

* Fort Stevens Public Fight  :: July 17 - 19 (Max effort!!)


Event Update, April 27th, 2009:

Allrighty, here is the deal.

We have a tentative event coming forth on the June 5 - 7 weekend. Details forthcoming, and we are looking for a good show.

Running Reminder:
Camp Withycombe, Armed Forces Day,  ::  May 16th. (Day event, Display)

* Fort Stevens Public Fight  :: July 17 - 19 (Max effort!!)


Double Update, April 13th, 2009:

Battle report from 11th weekend, March 14th
"German resistance has been as expected, fierce. However, we were lucky and fought against a small contingent of the greater army that was ahead.

The pouring down the rain was no deterrent however, we had a very impressive allied backing against the Germans.

Our first actions were decent, or just about. Lost a couple of guys here and there, but by the afternoon our boys kicked it into high gear, and fought well and won a clean victory against the Germans, flanking them in the rear.

Sunday was uneventful, fewer Germans were on the field, and we mourned our losses in the allied ranks."

Overall, I have to say that that Saturday has been the best in years.

Mixed update:
Another day, and finally another update on our unit.

* Our next venture as of now seems like Camp Withycombe, which will be Armed Forces Day, in Portland, OR.
This will be a public display for 1 full day on Saturday, May 16th.

As of right now, we might get billeting for Friday night, and there have been some talk of training after we are done with Armed Forces.
Keep you updated on those details.

* Also, more then ever before, and earlier then ever before, we are starting to put out the word for Fort Stevens Public Fight, which will be July 17 - 19
That's right! Months ahead of schedule!

Since we'll have one display before now and Fort. Stevens, start saving up money and the time off. In this day and age, we all need that edge.

Remember!! Your sergeants are not made of ammo! Order up on it as early as possible, so that when the time comes, you're not crapping your pants.

And by the way, I tossed in another song from the beautiful Helen Forrest for you boys listening pleasure.



Update, March 4th, 2009:
It's about that time of the day again, and it is news day!

Our company training outing was a good one, with general movement, advancing, and grenade range were all a part of the outing. We also had the fortune of engaging a German of all things, whom we quickly dealt with.

Again, and not for the last time, March 13-15, Camp Rilea, sponsored by us! As said, it will be St. Lo area.
If heaven forbid you don't have ammo, get it now. Actually, if you don't have ammo, you should've gotten it yesterday!
Either way, prepare for some Severe German resistance, both physically, and mentally.

We might also eventually get wheel, well, get more wheels. Hopefully soon we will be able to acquire another 3/4 ton to transport us... That is if wrench monkey isn't knee deep in other duties.

Also added two new tracks, and rearranged the rest of them. Sooner or later we'll implement a continuous play.


Update, January 24th 2009:
Gentlemen! It is a new year, with new battles ahead of us that we will surely survive. I think we all had sufficient time to enjoy our leave and recover from our drunken stupor...

Our first company event will be a training outing, on February 21st weekend. Further details are coming, just have to get a hold of it.

Also, our first club event will be March 13-15, at Camp Rilea, sponsored by us, so make sure you got it chalked down! The event will be St. Lo area.

On a different note, music will be the topic of this year. With the freshest edition of the Big Red One song... No lyrics sadly.


General Update, December 15th 2008:
Ah lawd, updates have been few and far apart, and we apologize for this.

Two events have past and gone in the time we gave our last update;
First up was a small event at Camp Withycombe, where members of the 2nd Ranger, 82nd Airborne, and 1st ID were pitted up against members of the Panzergrenadiers.
Our BAR gunner had hospital leave, and reported a very impressive day of fighting. Details for the next day are missing.

We also had 2 weeks ago the 4H Center battle, with impressive showing from both axis and allied forces, and multiple vehicles showing for both sides.

In other news, At The Front militaria has a package deal going for this time of the year, 20% off on a nearly full GI impression.
Has to be emphasized that it's missing the helmet, the leggings, and the weapon.

Never the less, it is one killer deal for some truly shiny equipment!
Don't fret if it doesn't say on the package page, it says it under the sales section.



Event Update, June 4th, 2008:
Gentleman! I think it is finally time to start preparing for the invasion... Our upcoming point of attack will be July 18 - 20th! We will make landfall on "Omaha Beach" at Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
The scenario is Operation Overlord, D-Day... It was nice knowing you guys.

Since April, May, and even June got shot in the foot, and our next event is BIAK in late September, consider this event as maximum effort event! So get your time off, and get your time in with us!

Some notes on the event:
There are other clubs that show up to this event, namely the PNWHG and Friend of Willie and Joe.
We sleep in tents instead of barracks. Thus, bring Proper sleeping equipment, a simple wool blanket might not cut it if it's poor weather. There are a few cots that can be used, but don't count on it if you arrive later.
Most glorious way to burn powder! ... Stock up on ammo, M1 users should look at stockpiling 150 rounds minimum, 200+ is what you should have.
There is no event fee!



Event Update, August 19th, 2008:
Gentleman! We fought valiant battles at our last event, and have uploaded some of the calmer moments of our camp. Our wrench monkey has been flakey of late, and He apologizes for that.

Our next event is in BIAK Training Center (spelled: bēyäk) will be on the weekend of September 19 - 21st.  Scenario is Operation Husky, Day 2 and 3, Jul 1943,  so bring your late war gear.

Remember, BIAK is in the desert so it's hot during the day, and cold during the nights.

Within the next few days, there will be new additions to our radio station so that we can listen to some variety. Also, research has been started on a new website so that it would look more unique.


General Update, June19th, 2008:
We have some good news to announce! After monkeying around for hours, our wrench monkey has our radios back online! Range testing will commence tomorrow, we have a good feeling that the unit will work well.

As for the event, again, July 18 - 20th, we will make landfall on "Omaha Beach" at Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
The scenario is Operation Overlord / D-Day... It was nice knowing you guys.

Sgt. says that he is expecting 18-20 guys show up from our squad. Hot diddly, I think we have a killer event in the making! Get that time off, and get out to the event!

Some notes on the event:

  •  There are other clubs that show up to this event, namely the PNWHG and Friend of Willie and Joe.
  •  We sleep in tents instead of barracks. Thus, bring Proper sleeping equipment, a simple wool blanket might not cut it if it's poor weather, or if the wind pick up from the ocean. There are a few cots that can be used, but don't count on it if you arrive later.
  •  Most glorious way to burn powder! ... Stock up on ammo, M1 users should look at stockpiling 150 rounds minimum, 200+ is what you should have.
  •  There is no event fee!

Added: June 13th
Made a few improvements to the Uniform requirements, and added a few more links that can come in handy.


Event Update, June 4th, 2008:
Gentleman! I think it is finally time to start preparing for the invasion... Our upcoming point of attack will be July 18 - 20th! We will make landfall on "Omaha Beach" at Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
The scenario is Operation Overlord, D-Day... It was nice knowing you guys.

Since April, May, and even June got shot in the foot, and our next event is BIAK in late September, consider this event as maximum effort event! So get your time off, and get your time in with us!

Some notes on the event:
There are other clubs that show up to this event, namely the PNWHG and Friend of Willie and Joe.
We sleep in tents instead of barracks. Thus, bring Proper sleeping equipment, a simple wool blanket might not cut it if it's poor weather. There are a few cots that can be used, but don't count on it if you arrive later.
Most glorious way to burn powder! ... Stock up on ammo, M1 users should look at stockpiling 150 rounds minimum, 200+ is what you should have.
There is no event fee!


General Update, May 16th, 2008:
Gentleman, I am very  pleased to announce that we have finally uploaded the Uniform Requirements.

This section will answer and explain all details of the uniform that you are supposed to have, and what you have to watch for while getting your equipment. Pictures will be posted at a later time.


General Update, April 19th, 2008:
We were expecting a great fight this weekend, however this is not true due to factors beyond our control.

We tried to get another location up, but it was too soon for anything to be worked out. We apologize for this inconvenience to all of our members, since some of us took precious time off.

However, we are working on trying to get another event in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears pealed!


Event Update, April 3rd, 2008;

Hey guys, just another update and a reminder of the upcoming event at Camp Adair, OR on April 18 - 20th.
The scenario is still unknown, should be a very fun event none the less.

Cost is still $20 for the event, so bring a bill to make it nice and easy.

Also, there is a new tab called Directions, where some details are included on finding Camp Adair. BIAK will also be posted at a later date.

Hope to see the whole lot of you there!

Duty first.


Double update, March 18th, 2007

Event Update:
Gentlemen, contrary to unpopular belief as posted on the NWHA, we will have an event to go to!

At Camp Adair, OR on April 18 - 20th, the PNWHG is having an event that we can attend. The scenario is unknown, be prepared to plunge into a target rich environment.

Further details of what the event will be will be posted as soon as it comes in.
Also, soldiers coming from North of Portland, take note that some mapping sites might want to take you down to Albany or Corvallis, which is an unnecessary detour. Revised directions will be posted soon.

Battle report from 14th weekend:
Good hustle 1st I.D., we did major damage on D+12 and manage to delay the German forces until further reinforcement arrived... Battle report is as follows:

"Intel provided us much needed information, where we were to primarily eliminate an HQ element of the of the German army, and secondary objectives of capturing an officer and capturing a weather station.
The 1st ID split squads to setup a successful ambush against the German forces, and the other element went scouting. The 1st ID also managed to sneak in with 5 soldiers and eliminated the HQ with extreme prejudice.

At the end end of the day, we were to eliminate another HQ, by that time thought the SS managed to reinforce the area and we took heavy losses.

D+13 we were to marginally defend the Iron O.P. By the end of the day the 2nd SS managed to overrun us, with few of us making it out."


Event Update, February 22nd, 2008; Updated Feb 24th
Our wrench monkey had the fortune of playing war "correspondent" by "visiting" the Eastern front just last the weekend - with firm thoughts of "What the hell am I doing here..."
Now, back to actual 1st ID news!

The March 14-16, event will be at Camp Rilea Training Base, OR, which means that the battles are drawing near! What exactly our scenario will be, we have no idea, keep frosty and we will get through this.

One month later ( April 18-20 ) will be our sponsored events, so make sure that you have the days written in and all of the necessaries to make it out to both events.

Added: Feb 24th
Also uploaded a lot of last years photos from the July, August, and September events with several axis and ally pictures that really make it come alive.


General Update, February 5th, 2008:
Well, after our rather uneventful deep winter months of hibernation, it is time to get back into gear for the reenacting season!
Things to take into consideration for the next couple of weeks before March rolls around;

  •   If you need new pieces for your uniform, don't dink around... Order it! UPS has been rather unreliable in the last couple of weeks.
  •   Acquire/Order your ammo from Swanson or from what source you have. Just be sure that you have what you need!
  •   Make sure to double check that you have the days off! First event is in March and our sponsored event is April.

Event dates direct link to NWHA.

Our C.M.P. membership has also been renewed, and with that there will be a match held, which is at the time "TBA".

Wrench monkeys' personal note: Something that I finally improved is our radio! It always bothered me that the music got cut off when you went to a different page. Now when you click it, the controls will pop-up in a Separate small window, allowing you to browse around the webpage and it won't affect playback. New songs will also be added shortly. Also, if there are any problems with it, shoot me an e-mail.


Double Update January 5th, 2008

General Update

Hopefully in the next couple of days a C.M.P. news section will be added, there is a bit of trimming that has to be done to make it work.

Also, website links for C and K rations are now under the Links section.

As a final note, there is no new info about the upcoming event in February.

As a final note, the wrench monkey is looking into implementing an RSS feed into the website, since some of us can forget to check it once in a while.

Battle report of Dec. 1st weekend:
We also had the good fortune of finally receiving a long-overdue after action report from the December event... Better late then never I guess. Report is as follows:

"Our unit was assigned to the 1/18 Infantry Regiment, 1st ID, and our objective was to keep the Germans falling out of a pocket where the forces of the RKKA were on the hunt. With the 1/18th on the frontal push and the 1/16th on the flank, we were able to achieve the objective with minimal losses and annihilated the Falschimjager regiment that we had cut off.
Following that engagement, the American forces setup a defensive positions, and awaited contact of the Airborne with the SS forces. We were able to push through and accomplish the days objective.

The next day the RKKA forces pursued the Germans who were fleeing towards the American forces. The 1/16th was assigned to the left flank, the Airborne and 82nd in the center, and the Rangers on the right. The Americans awaited the German forces at the top of the ridge. The SS, Falschimjager, and Panzergrenadiers were at the bottom of said ridge being defended... It shall be known as “Bloody Ridge”, very brutal. The Germans insisted on fighting till the bitter end, and very few escaped form the 1/16th's BAR, M1919 and a rifle men.

After that engagement the action report is jumbled at best, with reports of Germans shooting Germans, Germans shooting Americans, Americans returning fire, and RKKA shooting everybody.

It is obvious that by the end of the day it was utter chaos."

Sarge mentioned "Bloody Ridge" earlier, and that overall "In the last 7 year of the units reenactment, this has been one of the top 3 victories." Glad to hear that the 1st ID is keeping up quality, good job boys! Proud of ya all!

The report also mentioned an estimate of 50+ German troops, 50+ American troops, and 20+ Russian troops.


Event Update, November 21st, 2007:
We received a very "heartwarming" invitation from the 2nd SS of the PNWHG for the upcoming November-December event. Please take your time and read from beginning to end, it will answer all of your questions.

Hallo Kameraden!!! East, West, Axis, Allies!!!

This is an open invitation to all units and persons in the NWHA, PNWHG
and the RPS to attend our second annual Ost-West Kampf ( East-West
Struggle) which will be held the weekend of Nov 30th -Dec. 2nd, 2007
at the Salem 4-H Center.
We want to make this an event that is open to all units to attend if
they wish. So please consider this a sincere invitation on our part
that your unit attends. Being an Ost-West event all Allied units are
allowed and encouraged to attend.

Many of you are familiar with the 4-H Center grounds. This is a great
location in that it has a little bit of everything, forests, rolling
hills and open meadows, road networks and buildings. Our hosts, The
Oregon 4-H Center, truly make us feel welcome there and give us pretty
much free rein of the place.

The Salem 4-H Center is located at:

Oregon 4-H Conference and Education Center
5390 4-H Road NW
Salem, OR 97304

Phone: (503) 371-7920
Fax: (503) 581-6696

e-mail: oregon4Hcenter@proaxis.com
directions: 4-H Center

Event fees all go 100% to the 4-H Center so your checks can be made
out directly to them. We do not want or expect any additional fees
even though of course we will incur many along the way. The event fee
is $29.00 which pays for the two nights of barracks at $14.50 per man
per night. The cooks there are willing to make us another excellent
Saturday evening meal as they did before which is 100% cooked fresh on
the spot! This huge and delicious, traditional style meal for Saturday
night is a very reasonable $8.00 per person and is open to all event

If after the event is over and your unit feels good about the event
and has some extra bucks, then of course we would be more than glad to
accept small donations, but it is not mandatory for you to do so.
Throughout history bringing people of similar interests together over
a good meal has done wonders at building bridges and solidifying
existing relationships so please all come if you can.
We are willing to pay the $8.00 fee for 5 men out  of each Allied and
or non-PNWHG unit if that will help . If you can pay it yourselves
please do as every little bit helps, but our offer is sincere and is
put out there to help any of your men that may want to come to the
dinner ,but cant afford it.

We will need a commitment on numbers for the dinner no later than
Tuesday Nov. 27 in order for the cooks to be prepared, though I am
sure they will cook enough to cover several extras.

We hope to have several WWII Veterans both Axis and Allied to come for
our dinner and any other activities they would like to partake in and
honor us with their presence.

A note about any of the German veterans which may attend: It is not
our nor their intent to offend or put any one off from attending just
because they will be there. Please remember that these men, just like
all other men of military service age during the 40's fought for their
country and their homes. Like all veterans they made huge personal
sacrifices and suffered deep wounds both physical and mental that they
carry with them to this day.
These men are now all United States citizens and if our government had
the slightest bit of dirt on any of these men there is no way they
would have ever been allowed to take up residence in our country. We
hope that at the least you can accept their participation and not let
their attending keep anyone else from coming.

You may show up by 10:00a.m. on Friday Nov 30 or as early as you wish.
Preferably we need everyone to have left the area by 7:00 p.m. Sunday
Dec 2. Please each unit police your individual areas as mush as
possible before leaving.

It would be nice to have as many people there early as possible so we
can get on with some good times Friday evening ASAP  !

Saturday morning we plan on leaving for battle by 0900. Unit leaders
from both Allies and Axis will decide the battle plans and we will
fight until 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. This should allow us time
to all get back and clean up and prepare for our dinner and evening
ceremonies and activities. Sunday's fight will begin at 9:00 a.m. and
go until noon at least depending on every ones interest and energy

Lets all get together one more time in ‘07 for a big event and good
time . We would like to see and truly believe it is possible for all
the various parent groups and individual units to work together for
the common good of all and allowing all of us to host events where
everyone is welcome . By doing so we all win . There are only so many
WWII reenactors on the West Coast and we know it is possible for us
all to see beyond any past differences or issues that may have made
their insidious way into what should be a really fun and rewarding
hobby/experience for all.

So, let us all take advantage of the incredible pool of talent and
knowledge we have out here and put it to good use.

Your ideas and positive input are welcomed and encouraged so if you
feel we can do something different or better please speak up.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Das Reich Division

If you are wondering, yes you did read correctly that the RKKA is also welcome to the event.
So, if you know reenactors in the area, get the word out!!

November 30th-December 2nd!



Battle report of Oct. 13th weekend:
We went, we saw, and we fought valiantly against the Germans, with overall success and victory for the allies. Our objectives were captured - and in one case blown sky-high - and the final push of the German forces was repelled. There were moderate casualties during the battles.
Sadly, the rangers fled the battlefield abandoning their equipment which has been recovered by the 113th cavalry boys.

In other news, the PNWHG event will be at the 4H center down near Salem, November 30th-Dec 2nd, with massive turn-out, and light armor coming along. There is a good possibility that there will be chow served, expect a call from your commanders.

Event Update, October 1st, 2007:
Alright, after some breathing time it's time to go back into the field!
Between the days of October 12th
-14th, we will be grinding up against Germans at Camp Rilea Training Base, OR. The scenario is "Up against the Reichwald", where we are on the Western edge of Germany. For us yankee speakers, "reichwald" means "Forest realm".
By all means, we should expect fierce German resistance. For some reason, they really don't like the idea of us tromping around on their turf.

Check the forums for other info concerning the event.

Also, this will be our last engagement of the season through the NWHA. There will be one more event through the PNWHG, but I - the webmaster - don't remember when exactly it is. Information will be acquired A.S.A.P.

Battle report of Sept. 15th weekend:
First of all, we hadn't had a chance yet to welcome our new members Blake, Jimmy, and Matt. Welcome to the 1st ID guys!

We spent 3 days out on the high desert at BIAK. Saturday had very important training, and members of the Oregon National Guard Retention were on site to watch. We let the new and potential Army recruits watch the training. Training included squad tactics, grenade throwing and rifle grenade exercises
During the tactical portions of the event, we experienced severe losses, with only the BAR gunner walking away from the last battle.

General update:
We are currently working on some important additions to the website, such as a full list of field gear with pictures, and a links section where you can buy original and reproduction gear.

Double update, September 5th, 2007

Event Update:
So, it took a while but the info is finally up. Next event is at BIAK Training Center {our spelling: b
ēyäk) on the weekend of September 14 - 16th.
Scenario is
D-Day +2 in Sicily Jul 1943,  so bring your late war gear.
Directions and other details are on the forums.

General Update:
As you might notice, the webmaster is back from Europe with no major physical or mental changes.
Also, the webmaster acquired a laptop so any links, songs, pictures, digital videos, pin-ups, etc. please bring to Biak in either written, CD, or DVD format. Thus we will finally have links that you can purchase gear from for a half decent price!

If you tried register for the forums, and for some reason didn't have your account activated because the webmaster simply deleted it, write an email to wrenchmonkey@1stidunit.org and xelmon@gmail.com .

Thank you for your understanding.

Special Update, July 17th, 2007:
The following DOES deserve a special update.
A gentleman by the name BW Nigel recreated a picture of Jeremiah Hansen in a painting.
Here is a thumbnail to the masterpiece.

Double Update!!  July 15th, 2007

Event Update:
This is a repost from a month ago, Just so that it would stay on the top of the list!
We have less then a week till July 20 - 22nd!! We will make landfall on "Omaha Beach" at Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
The scenario is Operation Overlord, D-Day... It was nice knowing you guys.
read the information posted in the forums! There are some details that a first timer has to know about Ft. Stevens.

General Update:
Our webmaster - that lazy bastard - decided that before he would go off for his tour off "duty" in Europe,
he would hammer out some major blemishes of the website and add other things that have been planned.

* "Home" is now reserved for info about upcoming events and recent changes. The previous bulletins are now moved to their own area, Archived News.
* The forums are now fixed! Just click on "Forums" and you are there, you don't even have to open a new page.
The webmaster also found a way to mass delete fake accounts, so "guest" posting might be coming back.
* And finally have music on the website!! One song so far, more will be added later! Auto-play is disabled, so it wouldn't scare the crap out of you.
To play the file you have to have QuickTime.

**4AM-ish, July 16th Update: After Serious searching, coding, converting, and chopping, you can now choose between 5 songs, and more can be now Easily added.

Event Update, June 20th, 2007:
About a month ago the webmaster posted a bigger note about the upcoming event.
Well, now it's actually 30 days away, so Prep time!!
On July 20 - 22nd, we will make landfall on Omaha Beach at Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
The scenario is Operation Overlord, D-Day... It was nice knowing you guys.
read the information posted in the forums! There are some details that a newcomer has to know about Ft. Stevens.

Battle report of June 16th weekend:
The weekend was a company organized non-NWHA training event. The 1st ID had an exceptionally informing Saturday morning training session, and did tactical with the 2nd Waffen SS from the PNWHG for the latter part of the day. Sunday was spent doing life-fire training, and our .30 caliber M1919 with the help of the 2nd SS MG-34 cut a tree in half.
Scores of Sunday life fire will be posted later.

In other news, there are shirts and mugs in the works! A preliminary batch has been made, and it came out quite nicely - especially the mugs!
We'll keep you updated on when they will be available for purchase.

Event Update, May 26, 2007:
Here is an event announcement.
Sarge came up with the idea of having an event
on the weekend of June 15 - 17th, at Biak Training Center, Redmond, OR.
This event is not on the NWHA site, so follow this link to the forums for details.

General Update, May 15th, 2007:
Sorry for the lack of updates, school has caught me up a bit.
Armed Forces Day is rapidly approaching, so if you didn't get your information, you can check here for the whole spiel.

As an added note, here is a reminder for the July 20-22, Fort Stevens, OR event. It's still littler over 2 months away, but it's in the middle of summer and most people would be gone for some kind of vacation before/after/during that time. That one is a public event which is purely for showing off WW2, and it is very important that we have as many bodies on the field as possible. So keep that date open at all costs! Here is the info link.

Battle report of March 30th weekend:

Our first encounter with the German forces was met with disaster. Our forces were split, and the retreating German forces decimated us. Later that day up on the Iron OP, we swept up the mountain and killed all of the Germans with moderate casualties. At the end of the day, both of the forces were tired and the meat grinder ended in a draw, so to say.

General Update, March 21, 2007:
As of now, we have a fully operational forum for use!
Sadly the admin hasn't figured out how to window it, so it will open in the same window, without the nice frame and menu.
Suggestions on categories and threads that you find would be good to have can be sent to the admins e-mail

Event Update, March 05, 2007:
Ladies, we have an event coming up!!
The scenario is
D-Day + 4, on the weekend of March 30-April 01, at Camp Rilea Training Base, OR.
For detailed information on location and costs, Click Here.

General Update, March 05, 2007:
After a long time of seeming inactivity, this website will undergo some changes, many for the better.
There will be also regular updates on upcoming events, photographs, and in a foreseeable future a joomla/php based forum for information exchange.