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Why just read about history when you can live it?

We are a World War II reenacting group, part of the Western Military Historical Society (WMHS) and the Northwest Historical Association (NWHA). We reenact the American soldiers of C Company 1/16th Infantry Regiment 1st Infantry Division.

In addition to being great fun, reenacting is also a great learning experience. Rather than just reading about uniforms, small unit battle tactics, and the life of a WWII GI, you actually get to experience a little of what it was like. For the purpose of displays, parades, full scale war-gaming or reenacting, we choose to portray a WWII line infantry platoon of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division, better know as "The Big Red One." Our goal is to educate the public in the importance of World War II history and to sponsor the growth and development of reenacting as a highly rewarding and educational hobby. We regularly participate in “living history” public displays and battles, and also private tactical battles.

The primary goal of our unit is to study, understand, and to the extent possible relive history through the eyes of a WWII American infantry soldier.  We do this by collecting, wearing, and carrying the uniforms, equipment, insignia and weapons that these soldiers used during this conflict. We strive to accurately and authentically portray the average G.I. or "dog face" soldier to the best of our ability.

To do any less would not properly honor the brave men who fought and died wearing these uniforms.