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To Camp Adair

From the South or the East, get to Corvallis, and take HWY 99 North. Simple enough.

All of us Northerners are taking I-5 down so little difference there.

BUT! If you are coming from the North, instead of going down to Corvallis - as instructed per NWHA website, and some mapping sites - I highly recommend going into Salem, taking HWY 20 West, and then taking HWY 99 South. Salem requires attention since you will go directly through downtown and getting lost/missing turns even though hard, can happen. However this will save you 40 miles of extra traveling and gas!

Some tip-offs that you're on the right area once you make it to HWY 99...

  • Camp Adair road, East of HWY99... If you are coming from North, turn around, and it will be the first road on the Left.
  • A tree line next to Robinson Road. It will be in the middle of some fields, you'll know when you see it. West of HWY99.
  • When you found Robinson Road it will begin as asphalt, but it will turn into loose gravel.
  • Following Robinson Road, take it until you see a fenced off area. That's the army base, can't miss it.

  • The picture below (click to view large version) is the precise directions to our Usual camping area in the end of the base.

    Hopefully that helps. See you all at the event!

    Duty first.