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Common Questions:

1. How much does it cost?  Reenacting is not an inexpensive hobby. However, once you have made the basic investment in your uniform, field gear, and weapon the cost goes down considerably. As with many hobbies, one can always spend as much money as one would like to build a detailed “impression” of a soldier, but it is not necessary. Event fees are $35 per weekend at Camp Rilea, and less at all other locations. Blank ammunition for a .30-06 M-1 Garand is currently about $47.00 per 100 rounds. M-1 Carbine blanks are currently about $45.00 per 100 rounds. Your basic, U.S. infantry equipment and weapon will probably cost in excess of $1,000.00 total. Most of this cost will be your rifle. M-1 Garands, in serviceable condition are currently selling for at least $450.00. Your uniform and equipment will cost about another $600 depending on your sizes, and to an extent, how lucky you are. A lot of WWII GI uniforms and equipment can still be found at gun shows, thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops for sometimes chump change compared to prices of reproductions. Smaller sized clothing is usually available at reasonable prices. If your clothing sizes are larger, you may have no choice but to buy reproductions, and they aren't cheap. You do not need to buy everything at once. It is a good idea to purchase your own uniform and boots first, but for the first few events you should be able to borrow some items until you can purchase all of the required gear.

2. Where do I buy uniforms and field equipment?  There are many dealers throughout the United States that cater to WWII reenactors.  A lot of WWII GI uniforms and equipment can still be found at gun shows, thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops. When you join do not buy anything until you are contacted by your sponsor. You never join alone. You will be assigned an experienced member of the unit who will help and guide you to make the correct purchases. There are very specific uniforms and equipment regulations that we adhere to. Also know that we do not normally allow any long hair or facial hair. Proper haircuts are a must. If you’d like to participate in an event to see if this hobby is for you, we have limited loaner gear available for your use. You will need to coordinate in advance with our representative to make arrangements.

3. Can I join as an officer and wear any medals I like?  Sorry, all members start their careers as a private and work their way up. In our new member materials are all of the requirements you will need to know for rank and medals. Any non-commissioned officer or officer rank is an impression. The people with rank are in these positions because they demonstrated their commitment to the rank with their historical knowledge, attendance and ability to lead and get along with others

4. Where are re-enactments held?  The majority of events are held in Oregon. The events are listed on the Northwest Historical Association website at There are normally monthly events February-October. Scenarios are usually late war Western Front, but some are Russian Front and Italian Front.

5. How do I join? If you are ready to take this step please request an interview and application for membership by emailing: With this email please include your home address and telephone number. You will receive a call from our representative who will speak with you and answer all of your questions in greater detail.